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Are you looking to renovate your existing home or are you building your dream home from the ground up? One of the most complex systems that will be going in your home is your plumbing and heating system. If it's not done properly you can be in for expensive and unnecessary repairs down the road. Call today to consult with Strong Tower Plumbing and Heating about your new home's plumbing system installation today.

Your home is a huge investment, so don't let poor plumbing lower the value of your property. Our specialists are ready to discuss your new home's plumbing needs with you.

How we'll take care of your home

How we'll take care of your home

Plumbing emergencies are the last thing you need after you just invested countless hours and dollars on your home. You already have a million things on your mind, let us take care of your homes plumbing and heating. When you need new construction plumbing, we will:

  • Discuss. We'll talk to you about your homes plumbing needs.
  • Install. We'll complete any plumbing installation.
  • Inspect. We'll make sure everything is functioning correctly.

Whether it's a new bathroom, a new house or a new building plumbing installation in Trumbull, CT, Fairfield County, CT, New Rochelle, NY or Westchester County, NY home, you're in good hands when you hire Strong Tower Plumbing & Heating. Call 203-443-6685 or 914-393-9012 now to schedule a free estimate